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Banshee watch online

Just coming out of the big house, the protagonist immediately sets out to find podelnitsy and former lover, Anastasia. For her sake he was fifteen years ago, surrendered to the authorities and endured all of hell behind bars, only to be left alone. But fifteen years is long, as usual, narrowed long found their small American happiness with a white picket fence with a new family in the small town of Banshee.

Being unnecessary, the hero is ready to get away from the city, and to leave the past behind. At a roadside bar, stay for dinner, he met with the future Sheriff of Banshee, Lucas Hood. By chance the same bar to Rob chooses a couple of local gangsters. The Sheriff is fearless and principled, and not even being in the service, he could not tolerate lawlessness. Start a fight, the bandits kill the future Sheriff, and the hero with the bartender send on reception to the Creator of the bandits themselves.

The death of the Sheriff changes the plans of a former prisoner, he realizes that the future lawyer in the city nobody knows, a Sheriff's star features, and will help to forge gob, each hacker with deturenne times.

The plan of action develops itself. And former criminal decides not to leave Banshee, but to be on the other side of the law, simultaneously, to try to regain his beloved.